Buying Real Estate

Purchasing Real Estate in Santa Barbara, Montecito, Hope Ranch, And Goleta California

Working for you

I love working with my clients so I don’t pass you off to an assistant. When you decide to work with me, you get to work with me. My assistants are there to assist me with background tasks so I have more time to work with you.

Save You Money

I have generations worth of local knowledge, years of experience, and a very effective network that can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. I know the tricks of the trade on how to submit the best offer, when to submit an offer, when to ask for concessions, what to say, but most importantly, what not to say.


Many times the best deals receive multiple offers. I have spent years building a reputation that tells listing agents and sellers we are serious, reputable, and qualified. If a seller is presented multiple comparable offers the decision can often come down to who they feel comfortable working with.

No Pressure

My experience has taught me that a great deal for you is a great deal for me. My business was built on referrals and I want ever sale to lead to a lasting relationship. I am a full time real estate agent, which means I’m in this for the long term so I work hard to make sure you are happy to recommend my services. If we find a great property, but it’s not the right one for you, no worries. We’ll work together to find the home that works.

Finding the deal

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara from a family that has been, and continues to be, heavily involved in the business and real estate community. As a 4th generation local, I have built a highly influential and diverse network in the Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, & Montecito real estate market that has proven crucial in gaining the inside scoop on potential homes for sale, coming developments, and other local real estate deals that may not even be coming on the market. My background and knowledge of the are also helps my clients know the intricacies of specific neighborhoods and areas of Santa Barbara.

Real Estate Negotiation

Quite often people confuse the difference between a good negotiator and a jerk. Negotiating multi-million dollar deals over something as emotional as a person’s home can stir up feelings and reactions that may not benefit your end goals. Upset buyers can lead to lawsuits down the road and offended sellers may toss out an offer no matter how good it is. I’m am experienced in getting you what you want while being delicate and understanding of the other party’s needs. Often more important than making threats and demands is timing, tact, and treatment. I have learned negotiation from some of the world’s top negotiators like New York real estate attorney George Ross and investor Robert Kiyosaki.

If you are interested in buying real estate I would be happy to meet and discuss your options.

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