Speaking, Coaching, and Consulting

With Louise McKaig

Speaking, Coaching, and Consulting

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A young Louise “Manzo” McKaig overseeing her staff at “Louise’s Catering” A continuation of their family’s “Enrico’s Deli” restaurant chain.

Louise McKaig is highly regarded in the real estate world and has been named a top realtor or best real estate agent in various publications. Louise has had multiple successes in various industries outside of real estate as well, from international language learning programs to high end catering companies and investing. She has had a lifetime of experience as an entrepreneur, business manager, and real estate professional.

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Louise McKaig with fellow speaker in front of her poster at a California business conference.

Whether people are looking for coaching in Real Estate, Marketing, or Business, Louise will help build you a map to success and provides students and audiences with the tools necessary to be successful. She loves helping people succeed and reach their financial goals whether it’s her clients or students, Louise’s foremost goal is to help people reach there’s.
Louise has numerous coaches herself. Past coaches have included financial experts and fellow top real estate professionals from various parts of the country in order to keep her ahead of possible changes and trends in the market.
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Louise McKaig is currently not taking any new students due to work commitments but will be again in 2017. You can visit our contact section to book Louise for you next business conference, real estate seminar, or event.