“There is no better marketing strategy to increase your business than high-quality work and happy clients.”

- Real Estate Author Louise McKaig

Books – How to buy real estate – How to sell your home – & more

Interested in learning how real estate works? Whether you are new to the real estate industry or are a seasoned real estate buyer/seller, Louise has helped educate all levels of real estate professionals and non-profesionals. Louise has 2 books in writing and 1 awaiting it’s 2016 release, “The Book On Buying”, “Selling Your Home”, and a 3rd book called “Creating Client’s For Life” which is being written for coaching students, real estate investors, and those looking to break in to the high-end real estate industry. Learn how to buy real estate and how to sell your home from acclaimed real estate agent, businesswoman, educator, real estate investor, and author Louise McKaig.


Selling Your Home

Learn all about selling real estate with the dos and don’ts that every person thinking of selling their home should read.


The Book On Buying

This book is being written for all the real estate buyers to be informed of how the process works and how to not get lost in the strange world of buying luxury real estate.


Creating Client’s For Life

The book for real estate professionals:

If you are a real estate professional thinking about working in a luxury real estate market then this book is a must read. You will get a chance to learn from one of the top real estate agents around about working in one of the most luxurious and competitive real estate markets in the industry. You will learn about putting your client’s needs first and how a business built on honesty and integrity will set you up for long term business relationships that will last a lifetime.

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