Inspirational Quotes

Here are a number of fun quotes and inspirational moments from Louise McKaig’s speaking, coaching, and writing about her years in real estate and business.
“In building strong business relationships there is no stronger foundation to build on than honesty and integrity.” – Louise McKaig

“Inexperienced agents feel it’s necessary to talk a lot when negotiating. But many times when an agent opens their mouth, they’re just giving their client’s money away.” – Louise McKaig

“A Realtor’s job is not to sell, but to help their clients achieve their goals. Selling is just a skill necessary to help your client’s achieve their goals.” – Louise McKaig

“There is no better marketing strategy to increase your business than high-quality work and happy clients.” – Louise McKaig

“Most agent’s forget that their job is not to “close” their clients, but to keep their client’s goals in mind and close their client’s property” – Louise McKaig

“Many Realtors’ base their entire education on how to sign the client, not on representing the client. What we do and what you should do is start educating yourself in negotiating, marketing homes, or analyzing and predicting trends. Only then are your actually representing your client” – Louise McKaig

“If an agent can’t defend their own commission, how can you expect them to defend your property’s price?” – Louise McKaig

“Don’t be an ass, be an asset. Most clients consider a commission to be a cost. An agent must be an asset by making or saving their clients more money than it costs them.” – Louise McKaig

“Intelligent buyers and experienced real estate investors know that when an agent is willing to cut their own price, it is the surest signal that they provide the same low quality service that this industry has become accustomed to. If you can provide a higher quality service, save your clients more money than you cost them, and reach more potential buyers than anyone else could, then you become worth a higher commission and intelligent sellers will gladly pay it.” – Louise McKaig

“We are working in a commission based service industry. If you spent more time marketing your clients property and focusing on your client’s needs, your business would increase. But most agents are too focused on marketing themselves and their own needs. That’s why many agents are always struggling to find new clients” – Louise McKaig

“For those of you in the room thinking of listing with an agent because you got their mailers, I want you to think back to all those mailers. Now was it advertising a listing or themselves? If it’s advertising a listing, then you know they will be spending money trying to market your property. If it was just advertising themselves then you know where their priorities lie.” – Louise McKaig

“In my past experiences as an entrepreneur, I learned that there is a huge difference between being a businessman and a salesman. A salesman is focused only on the immediate sale and the immediate commission. They’ll do or say whatever it takes to get a deal. While a businessman is focused on long term.” – Louise McKaig